Living in Rotterdam in 2030

Living in Rotterdam in 2030

How do you envision living in Rotterdam in the year 2030? On 30 November, Rotterdammers will express their views about the cíty’s ‘Woonvisie 2030’ (Urban vision) in a consultative referendum. Consequently, the Nieuwe Instituut asked 12 Rotterdam designers and design bureaus to imagine their vision of the future: with one image and a few short sentences. Each design office was given a theme. Our theme is Mobility and our working title is ‘Mobile City’.

November 22, 2016

Move yourself!

Mobility is a recurring theme for us. In the early 1990s, the entrepreneur Anton van den Brink asked us the question: “How many cars does one person need?” We worked together to achieve the vehicle of the future and went in search of an answer. Initially, with the development of the de Econe, the forerunner to the Carver, which later formed the basis for the PAL-V, a flying alternative. We recognize that population growth, climatechange and the drive for energy efficiency are important influences on the design process.

 “People want environmentally-friendly solutions: an electric vehicle is an obvious one. To increase the success rate of a new product, we focus on the ‘experience’. This is essential for acceptance. We have to ensure that people will actually want to use the vehicle. In addition, we foresee a future in which cars are shared and where a distinction is made between short and long distances.” - Robert Barnhoorn, CEO Spark design & innovation.

The Nieuwe Instituut Exhibition

Curious about how we will live and move around in 2030? In the weeks running up to the referendum (30 November), all twelve urban visions will be exhibited at the Kruisplein and the Hoogstraat in Rotterdam.

Our vision:

“Move yourself in 2030!”

I need to go. I activate my transport app. Minutes later, a small, autopiloted vehicle picks me up. As soon as I sit, it adjusts. It becomes my car. Then, I grab the wheel and, smiling, I zoom away. Not bad for someone of 80! No fossil-fuel car to be seen. That’s how we do it now: silent and clean; streamline and superlight. Central Station comes into view. Perfect timing!

We are inviting everyone to come and take a look. Let us know what you think too at: