X-lander: Pushchairs with pleasure

X-lander: Pushchairs with pleasure

The X-lander: a name from Poland that we’ll certainly be hearing more of in the pushchair market. This major East European pushchair manufacturer has worked with Spark to produce a new and impressive collection. The recently launched X-lander pushchair line consistently reflects the most important brand values: “Active, Joy, Responsible”.

January 12, 2016

Effective start: determining brand DNA

Diederik Augustijn says: “Our team of designers worked with X-lander to define the Brand DNA. This formed the foundations of the concrete visual design guidelines for the new X-lander collection.”

We made a crucial strategic choice: produce less products by making a clear division in terms of function. A clear design transforms the four models into one product line. Augustijn: ”The product colours are in line with the results of the research into, among other things, sales figures. People generally choose for safe, subdued colours. We also wanted to maintain the “joy and active” feel. We achieved this by giving the fabric on the outside basic colours such as grey, black and beige. But we made the inside nice and bright. The patterns and colours are also reflected in the range of accessories, such as the diaper bag and the footwarmer.

'Responsible' accessories

The other accessories that we took in hand really allowed us to distinguish the X-lander brand. The ‘responsible’ character of the company is strongly emphasized in, for example, the quality and clever safety features, such as lighting in the foot rest.

Matching corporate identity

The new X-lander product line shows the importance of good cooperation. Augustijn: “By defining the Brand DNA together, we not only came up with a clear product line; we also ensured consistency between product, packaging, website and photographic style.

You can see this consistency and progress for yourself. Take a look at the new products on the X-lander website.

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