Networked Knowledge

Networked Knowledge

Innovation requires extensive and cross-disciplinary knowledge. It is of great importance to be able to rely on an elaborate team that has the necessary know-how and experience, within an open exchange of knowledge between clients, suppliers and development partners.


Orchestrator of knowledge

It takes knowledge to realise a new and successful product. Much of this knowledge can be found with the client but it can be a challenge to reach and activate it. We shape this process right from the start of the project.

We take on the role of knowledge orchestrator and make sure that the right information is applied at the right time. It could be compared to a chef, who selects and measures the right ingredients to be used at the right time, to achieve an extraordinary result.

Sharing knowledge

We’re perfectly able to take care of most ingredients ourselves. We have an extensive team that works on a variety of projects for a large number of clients. This doesn’t only require extensive knowledge but also creates it! That’s how our clients can benefit from the insight and experience we continuously gather, as well.

“We have a great deal of expertise and experience in-house. But it is also crucial to acknowledge that there is a lot we don't know. For this reason, we are constantly seeking new partners and experts with specific knowledge to work with.” - Maarten Wilming, director at Spark design & innovation


If we lack the necessary input, we consult our comprehensive network of suppliers, manufacturers, developers, experts, universities, consultants or investors. Our network is hugely valuable because any good company is connected to other good companies.

So, it is less important who dices the onion or adds the salt and pepper: in the end it is all about effectively reaching an excellent result. Bon appétit!


The world of product innovation and design is highly dynamic and characterized by quick evolution in terms of knowledge, opportunities and possibilities.

It could be about innovation in the design process itself, new insights in the fuzzy front-end or the scrum during product development. It could also be about improved ecocost databases or handy tools to prototype smart products.

We also see change in customer needs and within the market itself. Expectations are shifting in relation to maintenance of measuring equipment or vending machines, for example. Or, the consequences of changing distribution channels like online sales.

New materials, technologies and production techniques are always evolving, like laser engraving or metal injection molding (MIM), bio based plastics, rapid manufacturing… we could keep going for a while here!

We make sure to stay close to the source by regularly inviting experts and suppliers to share their new insights with our team. It ensures we’ll have the knowledge ready and available for use during our projects.