Aboutaleb visits Spark

February 4, 2009

Ahmed Aboutaleb, the brand new Mayor of Rotterdam, honoured us with a visit last Friday. Aboutaleb, together with his counsellors, took a tour of our studio and listened with interest to the stories we told him about our products. Aboutaleb, along with Counsellors Harbers, Schrijer and Karakus dropped by

Aboutaleb bij Spark

during a fact-finding visit to the extensive City Harbour area (‘Stadshaven-gebied’): an area as big as Gouda which, in the next few years, will be radically transformed as a way of strengthening Rotterdam’s economy and improving the city surroundings. As a company which has recently relocated to this area we were definitely worth a visit. You can find us in 'Vertrekhal Oranjelijn' (Orange Line Passenger Terminal), a beautifully renovated industrial listed building on the Rotterdam Lek Harbour (‘Lekhaven’).

Burgemeester Aboutaleb en wethouder Harbers