A New Year: out with the old, in with the new

December 23, 2011

During our recent company outing to Aviodrome, Spark said goodbye to Arno Rodenburg and welcomed Jean-Paul Niellissen.

Reliable and skilled designer
After more than eight years, Arno left Spark so that he could work closer to home. He made a significant contribution to, among other things, the straight stair lift, and he was heavily involved in a number of rehabilitation products, including shower chairs and the Ort-O-Mate, an aid for taking off support stockings. ‘Arno is a very reliable and technically-skilled designer and engineer', says Director Maarten Wilming. ‘We wish him continued success in his career'.

Structured, critical and analytical
Jean-Paul has started work as a product designer and project leader. He has experience as, among other things, a designer and project manager at VANMOOF and Dutchband. Of particular note is the fact that he won the first ever ‘Best Idea in the Netherlands' in 2004 with his Roller Controller. The product is an alternative control unit for controlling computer games for children. Jean-Paul came up with the concept in response to the growing problems of obesity and RSI in children. Jean-Paul is a driven and structured designer, critical and analytical and with an eye for detail.Goodbye Arno