Seatbelt-opener (Pietje Belt) wins the “Best Idea in Holland” (SBS6)

October 22, 2007

On Saturday 20th October, Cees Stam and Jolanda van den Berg, supported by Spark design and innovation, were declared winners of the Best Idea in Holland; something which we at Spark design and innovation are naturally very proud of. Alongside the title of Inventor of 2006, Cees Stam received a cheque for € 25.000 for his seatbelt-opener.

The idea

Every year in Holland around 750 cars end up in the water, resulting in the death by drowning of about 50 people, the majority of whom still had their seatbelts on. With his idea, Cees Stam hopes to increase the survival chances for occupants. The seatbelt-opener is designed to spring open automatically if the car hits water.

The development

Spark took on the design development of Cees Stam’s idea. The seatbelt-opener became a separate click-on product which is universally applicable to all seatbelts and is simple to fit – in your car too.

What’s more, we’ve come up with a number of extra applications for the idea. For example, it’s also desirable to apply the product to child car seats.

For further information and images and watch the clip from SBS6 below: