Big Babboe cargo bike - 'build-it-yourself' concept

March 2, 2007

In recent times the Dutch market has been witness to a unique concept: a high-quality, high-in-character, ‘old-fashioned', reliable ‘bakfiets' (cargo bike), which is delivered in kit form. The big advantage for the consumer: the ‘Big Babboe' is much cheaper than other cargo bikes.


The cargo bike industry is booming. Today, it's almost impossible to imagine a street scene without the classic design of the cargo bike. The only disadvantage: they are fairly expensive. Following a request from our client, we made use of our network in the Far East for the production of ‘Big Babboe'.

Given that shipping large volumes leads to high transport costs, we designed a cargo bike that could be shipped as a flat-pack. It arrives at the consumer as a simple to assemble kit. All the cables are pre-assembled, so there's absolutely no need for any technical knowledge. Only the saddle, the handlebars, the pedals and the box itself need to be put together.

There have been no compromises on safety, solidity and comfort. The Big Babboe box is manufactured from strong wood and covered with a sustainable varnish. The cargo bike has been designed with an eye for detail, such as the easy mounting position and the two steps for children so they can climb easily in and out of the box. The back of the box, which serves as a back support for the children, is high, while the front of the box is low, for better visibility. There's a bar for stability, but it's also a great place to put a bell or cheerful decorations. Two seats with four 3-point belts are among the standard fittings.

Available shortly and sure to be seen more frequently: the Big Babboe cargo bike

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