Brussel chooses the SecuBike

February 23, 2011

From March, the SecuBike will adorn the streets of the Belgian capital. Among the reasons for choosing this compact and secure bicycle locker, developed by Spark on behalf of BCycle Solutions, was its high level of traffic safety and its low impact on the streetscape. The SKG approval rating also proved to be an important factor.

Security and visually appealing
SecuBike's great sense of security is partly due to the open character of the bicycle locker. Motorists can see traffic signs and road users through the transparent side walls.

The impact on the environment is minimal, not least because of its compact design. At 1.50 metres tall, the bicycle locker is about as high as a car and, as a result, causes no visual obstruction. Even with the roof open, the highest point is only 2.10 metres off the ground.

Steady rise
The SecuBike can also be seen in Ghent, as part of a project to get more people onto bikes. In the Netherlands, the SecuBike has been purchased by, among others, Gouda, Roosendaal, Deventer and Schiedam.

More information about this Sparkproject.