Carver in production

October 20, 2005

Commercial director Eric Blomsma from Carver Europe GmbH said Wednesday that serial production will start in three weeks in a factory close to Strasbourg.

Carver animationHe announced this at the Tokyo Motor Show. Carver expects to produce next year in Strasbourg between five hundred and thousand examples of his ingeniously looking three-wheeled car. In 2007 the Carver II will go into production. According to the expectation between 5000 and 10.000 examples will be sold on an annual basis. Blomsma said that it is looked at to produce this model at a manufacturer in India.

Carver procesCarver is a project of family Van den Brink in Dordrecht. Since 1997 they have been working on this project. Meanwhile millions of Euros have been invested. In 2000 an operating prototype was shown for the first time. The firm Spark design & innovation stood at the cradle of this prototype. Styling for the body work, interior and assembly with chassis of the prototype was done in 3D CAD. In this video the prototype can be seen in action.

The Carver is a compact three-wheeled vehicle for two persons, of which two rear wheels always stay on the ground. It weighs 670 kilograms and has a power source of 68 hp. The streamlined body work and front wheel turn over when the vehicle takes a turn. Because of this there are no sideward forces on the driver and possible passenger. The vehicle can be driven by people with a driving licence. Since 2003 24 handmade examples have been built in Dordrecht spread over the world. According to Blomsma these were mainly for improving the design and making it suitable for serial production. One of the improvements has been found in slightly steering rear wheels, which improves the stability. The Carver I will cost in our country 39,950 Euros. Fiscally seen the vehicle can be seen as a motorcycle. The Carver II will have to stay in the Netherlands under 20,000 Euros. (Source: ANP)