Control Engineering Award 2010 for SmartRadar

March 28, 2010

Logo Engineers' Choice Awards 2010The wireless Honeywell Enraf SmartRadar Flexline has been awarded the  de 'Engineers' Choice Award 2010' in the 'Process Control - Process Sensors and Transmitters' category. by the American trade journal Control Engineering. For Spark, who developed the mechanical parts, this award means hugely valuable recognition from a highly professional users group.

Explosion safety

The Honeywell Enraf SmartRadar Flexline monitors the levels of oil, gas or chemical tanks. The product's housing is explosion safe and was designed by Spark to comply with all the relevant international guidelines, standards and requirements.

A particular challenge in the project was to make a transit antenna for wireless communications that fits onto the SmartRadar and related products. The transit antenna had to be explosion-proof, waterproof and UV resistant. Spark made the transit antenna with a careful combination of purchased parts and own modifications, including the SmartRadarexplosion-proof cable mounting and UV-resistant plastic cover.

High level
The Honeywell Enraf SmartRadar Flexline was praised by the technical readers of Control Engineering for the high level of technology, its market impact and the fact that the high added value for the petrochemical industry.

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