Dutch celebrities and users enthusiastic about Toon®

Dutch celebrities and users enthusiastic about Toon®

Toon® is the revolutionary smart thermostat that everyone’s talking about. Eneco’s website now features stories from enthusiastic users and celebrities, such as Angela Groothuizen and Annemarie van Gaal.

October 9, 2013

Tablet on the wall

Users are finding it a real eye-opener to be able to follow their energy use live: that you can see your usage shoot up when you turn on a lamp or the washing machine! After only a few days they are more aware of their energy use and switch off lamps and other appliances when they’re not in use. What’s more, they think Toon® is a really nice iPad-type gadget. ‘It’s almost like having a tablet on the wall’, according to David Lemereis from Bright, the 'magazine full of innovation'.

Watch the films with users stories on the Eneco website, under the ‘Experiences’ tab.

Eneco enlisted Spark’s expertise for, among other things, the design of the smart thermostat. Close cooperation with Eneco meant that in a short time Spark was able to develop the right look & feel and ensure that Toon fits perfectly with the ambitions and identity of Eneco.

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