From bike- to car-sharing in Recife

From bike- to car-sharing in Recife

For almost a century, man has dreamed of a ‘flying car’. This dream became a reality with the realization of the PAL-V. But what few people know is that the PAL-V stems, in part, from an earlier revolutionary design: the VandenBrink Carver. And the Carver’s evolution continues.

February 14, 2017

Car-sharing system for Serttel

Currently, we’re busy developing a car-sharing system for Serttel in Brazil. The goal: a compact, mobile solution for the future. Brazilians are already familiar with ‘Bike Itaú’: a bike-sharing system developed by Serttel. It’s simple: via a mobile app, you can unlock a bike. You only pay for the use. A sustainable solution that Serrtel is now expanding to small electric cars. And Spark showed up at just the right time to develop this new tilting vehicle with Serttel. By choosing for the DVC tilting mechanism, we can make their ambition a reality.


There are a number of solid design challenges that make this project so interesting. Airco is an absolute must-have in the sweltering heat of Brazil, but, in terms of energy use, it’s the opposite of an electric car. At the moment, we’re working hard to find a solution for this contradiction. There’s a real need for a lightweight but robust vehicle. By a combination of technique and the right design, you can create the sensation of a motorbike but with the secure feeling you get from a car.

Recife, where the concept will be produced and launched, was originally one of the country’s poorer regions. But times change. Currently, it’s known for being an innovation hub. And it’s here that the electric car of the future is being worked on. In the coming year, we’ll be transforming the concept vehicle into a prototype and, right now, a working test model is on its way to Brazil.