Hitting the Brazilian market

Hitting the Brazilian market

Recently, various Spark projects have been introduced onto the Brazilian market: a POS system that allows the user to, among other things, transmit wireless tax returns, a router that makes you much less dependent on a telephone cable for internet access and an automotive oil bottle, which, thanks to Spark, reflects the DNA of the Moura brand.

May 31, 2016

Mabuya mobile

Mabuya Cash introduced a new hand-held payment (POS) system at Autocom (International Retail Automation Fair and Congress). In fact, the software developer has brought two physical products onto the market recently. The design and the interface of both products have been developed in collaboration with Spark. Read more about this innovative payment system here.

Brand DNA

The first physical expression of the Brand DNA that we developed with Moura is now on display in the shops. Spark has designed a motor oil bottle with an image completely in line with the core values of the automotive accessories manufacturer, Moura. Our contribution was to develop the physical product and the Brazilian company Multi Design took care of the graphic design of the label. More products will be launched later this year, so keep an eye on the website.

Access All Areas

The latest news from Brazil is the launch of the Vagalume mesh router. This router offers the possibility of an internet connection to many more people and is tailored to markets comparable with Brazil, where there is not always access to a telephone line. The Vagalume transmits further than a normal router and can also forward a received signal. This means you can reach a huge area from just one telephone connection. Weather resistance and thermal management were important development points for Spark. The router hangs in the open air and temperatures can rise rapidly in Brazil. We carried out lots of tests to make sure that the cooling works at exactly the right level. What’s more, we’ve established a unique identity in terms of design, which can be carried through into future products.