HKU students visit Spark

HKU students visit Spark

In October, students from the University of the Arts Utrecht (HKU) arrived full of enthusiasm for a look behind the scenes at Spark. The 25 students, designers as well as artists, were curious about what ‘the large and well-known Spark design agency’ is all about, how the organisation is structured and how our team works together.

November 13, 2013

Creative agency

Currently, the group of HKU students are busy with an interdisciplinary project – various design models combined with art management. They’ve formed a creative agency called VLOT with a total of 45 students. ‘For example, we’re now working on the structure, vision and house-style of the organisation; next we’re going to try and get new commissions and then make them happen. In addition, we’re busy with the question of what makes a good creative agency. So we’re really curious about how a well-known creative design office like Spark design & innovation goes about things’, said one of the students.

Product development
During a tour of the Spark building, Marketing & Communications Project Manager, Sonja van Grinsven, told the students about the ins and outs of product development. They responded with some interesting questions: ‘How do you get your commissions?’ and ‘How can start-ups organise enough funding to engage Spark?’ The group was impressed by open space of the studio with its workstations and could see how motivating it is for the designers.

Product designer Diederik Augustijn gave an inspiring presentation about the similarities between art and product design and the difference between working on a commission for a client and doing your own work. After the presentation, the students joined the designers for lunch so that they could get acquainted with them and experience the atmosphere of the Spark studio even more.

Bedankje op whiteboard Spark van HKU studenten

‘The students were incredibly enthusiastic,’ according to Sonja. She received a lovely ‘thank you’ email from the students: ‘We all found it really interesting, we got a really good idea about the office, and we thought it was really special that you made us feel so welcome. Thank you!’ We also discovered a token of their appreciation on our whiteboard!

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