Honeywell Enraf excursion to Spark

Honeywell Enraf excursion to Spark

On Friday 14 December, the Delft department of Honeywell Enraf came for a look behind the scenes in the design studio here at Spark design & innovation. The festive occasion was inspired by Honeywell Enraf recently received the Bronze Certificate for its Honeywell Operating System (HOS).

December 20, 2012

At the start of the afternoon, Spark welcomed the group of around 110 Honeywell Enraf personnel. Spark Director Maarten Wilming gave a presentation to the enthusiastic audience. He told them not only about Spark’s vision and work methods, but also zoomed in on the many years of close cooperation with Honeywell Enraf, the jointly developed products and how the design for the company’s product line was born. Finally, a selection of Spark’s other innovations and ground-breaking products and projects were shown.

Honeywell Enraf bedrijfsuitje bij Spark  Honeywell Enraf bedrijfsuitje bij Spark 

After this, the visitors were given a tour during which they were able to see for themselves how product development is done at Spark. In the design studio, the designers gave an explanation about making sketches and computer drawings.

They also paid a visit to the workshop – where prototypes of the designs are made. And there were a selection of Spark products to see in the hall, including a number of Honeywell Enraf products and a life-size mock-up of the PAL-V flying car.

Following the successful tour, the Oranjelijn Departure Hall – the building that houses Spark – felt like a real departures hall once again; the company stepped through the door and onto the Spido for a trip through the harbour of Rotterdam.

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