Top recognition for explosion-proof control module

March 15, 2011

The top of Honeywell Process Solutions (HPS), a global market leader in the area of measurement- and control technology, has praised the core team behind the Fusion4. Five key-designers received the prestigious HPS Technical Achievement Award, the second highest distinction within Honeywell. The awards are given out annually via a global internal competition, but only awarded on a limited basis.

Intelligent, explosion-proof and user-friendly
Spark developed the Fusion4 together with Honeywell Enraf, one of the Dutch branches of HPS. The product is an intelligent explosion-proof control module for equipment used to mix and distribute fuels and additives.

The Fusion4 meets the highest global explosion safety standards, and can be flexibly installed using the modular hardware. Thanks to the user-friendly user interface the system is quick and safe to calibrate and operate.

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