iF Award for Ultrasonic gasflowmeter

iF Award for Ultrasonic gasflowmeter

Award alert! A new prize for Spark. We’ve won an iF Award for the Ultrasonic Gasflow meter from RMG by Honeywell. It’s been a tense wait with the client, but then we got the announcement: our joint efforts are being rewarded.

January 26, 2016

The Ultrasonic Gasflow meter is clearly an industrial product. It’s remarkable, then, that this innovation has won a design award. This is down to the product’s sleek and successful design. But there’s more: at the same time, this innovation is also robust and accurate, compact, safe and efficient to maintain. This is a mix you don’t see too often.

International Institute from Germany

iF is an international forum for design in Hannover. The iF Awards are a global hallmark of high quality and extraordinary design. The iF Design Award Night will take place on 26 February at BMW Welt in Munich. The Gasflow meter will be on show from 6 October 2016 to the 19 February 2017 during the iF Design Exhibition in Hamburg.