Syntens Innovation Ambassador title awarded to Spark

August 16, 2008

At the Spark Grand Open on 27 June, Syntens advisors Stefan Morssink, Quirien Veldman and Niklaas van Hylckama Vlieg awarded Spark the title ‘Syntens Innovation Ambassador' in design and product development.

syntens innovatie ambassadeurSpark has been nominated for this award as they are not only nationally renowned for their extremely innovative design solutions, but are true ambassadors in their field, communicating and sharing knowledge, helping the Netherlands achieve its position as an innovative knowledge economy.' Spark CEO Robert Barnhoorn said, ‘This is a great honour; to be recognized for our innovative design skills is important, but to be seen as an ambassador in our field supports our belief that ‘True Innovation' is a result of communication and partnership with customers, development partners, and organisations stimulating our knowledge economy like Syntens. This is what we believe to be true added value.'

Spark is the first product design agency to be awarded the title of Innovation Ambassador. This title has been initiated by Syntens to stimulate companies who have demonstrated over time that they are at the forefront of innovation, as well as actively sharing their innovatory experience and skills with others. In this way Syntens demonstrates how they actively bring entrepreneurs together and create awareness of the importance of sustainable innovation. Spark is the second company in the Netherlands to receive this recognition.