Inspirer: Maarten Wilming in iF-video

Inspirer: Maarten Wilming in iF-video

How do you develop products that make a difference? Maarten Wilming has a clear idea about how. As former member of the iF Awards jury, he talks about this in a new video for the iF World Design Guide. In this way, he, and other renowned designers from all over the world, inspire the participants of the iF Design Awards 2016. Watch the video!

January 5, 2016


A group of more than twenty designers of well-known products share their vision about design. Last year, Maarten Wilming was given a seat on the jury for the iF Awards. In his video message the development process is central. He explains, among other things, that: “Development is an expedition with a clear mission and clear goals, but with an uncertain outcome.”

It is with good reason that Maarten Wilming was asked to be on the iF Awards jury last year. Spark has already won six iF Design Awards: for the SecuBike, Fusion 4 minipak, Xpozer, ClearReader, LifeHammer and the Levant.

Watch Maarten Wilming’s video as well as those of his fellow jury members on iF World Design Guide website - Talking Heads.