Introducing Holmatro GreenLine battery-operated tools

Introducing Holmatro GreenLine battery-operated tools

Holmatro presented its new rescue tools from the GreenLine range at the FDIC congress in Indianapolis. We have designed and engineered the covers that house the engine, pump and the oil reservoir.

May 2, 2016

The underlying aim of the new design: create an affinity with other Holmatro products. This increases the visibility of Holmatro and is a clever way to communicate brand values.

The covers for earlier versions were made using vacuum moulds, that don’t leave much room for more complex designs. Holmatro chose for injection moulding as the production method for the covers for the new tools. This gave us freedom in terms of design and engineering.

Anke Kempen: “A consequence of vacuum moulding is that the edge of the housing of previous models had to be closed using a rubber seal. With injection moulding, you can achieve a beautiful seam that allows for a watertight seal to be printed directly onto the edge. This, in turn, makes assembly easier, more efficient and cheaper.”

We also devoted a lot of energy into integrating the main design of the battery and the control grip. By creating a closer connection between the housing and the contents, the tools have become more compact and, even though we say it ourselves, a bit more beautiful.