Mbrace: rescue vehicle for natural disasters

August 24, 2006

The “mbrace” is a rescue vehicle that can be used as a mobilisation aid for major natural disasters, especially earthquakes. With the mbrace, not only victims, but also goods, tools and rubble can be transported through rough terrain. Remko Verhaagen, student of the Delft University of Technology, designed the mbrace together with Spark for his graduation project. This in close cooperation with USAR (Urban Search and Rescue team). Each year aid organizations such as USAR try to rescue survivors of an earthquake in often inaccessible areas. This rescue vehicle can raise the chance of survival significantly by offering a direct rescue line.

Mbrace rescue vehicle

The mbrace is light and very easy to disassemble, making it easily transportable to disaster areas all over the world, and almost immediately ready for use. Its simplicity, dismountable and lightweight stretcher and the electrically driven wheels makes it the ideal piece of equipment for reaching survivors in remote areas that are difficult to get through.

More information about USAR is available at: www.usar.nl