New colleague Djoeni Volmer

New colleague Djoeni Volmer

Some people fit in so quickly that you almost forget to introduce them. If it were up to our new Industrial Design Engineer Djoeni Volmer, we would have left it at that. But,of course, he can’t be allowed to get away with that. So, Djoeni: how do you like it at Spark?

October 29, 2019

Passion for the profession

“Up to now, working at Spark has completely met my expectations. I also applied for an internship here at one point, but the planning didn’t work out. I continued to follow Spark via social media though. Then you get to see not only all the different products passing by, but also how everything they do seems to be harmonized. You think, that can’t be a coincidence. It must be that people with a passion for the profession work there.”


“In short, I work on the final construction of the product. But if possible, I also like to get involved with the design and the vision behind it. That’s why I chose this job. Because it’s where many disciplines come together. ”

“I think that, unconsciously, people experience the attention you pay to something. Even on the inside of a casing. That’s why I try to use my experience as a concept designer to integrate solutions as best as possible. Your role is about more than ensuring that something can be made as quickly and cheaply as possible. You are responsible for the product that you bring to market. That means that, within the possibilities, you try to give as much direction as possible to the world that you would like to see.”

There you go, that’s what we were talking about. We’re glad we kept on at him!