Minister enthusiastic about PAL-V

May 6, 2009

At the end of April Minister Eurlings of Transport and Water Management attended a demonstration of the PAL-V, the flying car Spark is currently hard at work developing. The Minister expressed his enthusiasm for the project: "Think of the great export potential if the Netherlands develops the first flying car in the world!" he said to the cameras from RTL4.

Spark takes the initiative on PAL-V
Years ago Robert Barnhoorn (Spark director) and John Bakker (now director of PAL-V) shared the same dream: to develop a car that can fly. They decided to work together and cooperate to develop such a vehicle. Since then much has been achieved: a consortium of entrepreneurs have embraced the idea and invested in the product. Also ministries and other relevant agencies are doing everything they can to get the PAL-V flying.

Spark works on prototype
Meanwhile the designers at Spark are working day in-day out on the technical details of the PAL-V. Right now, their main focus is achieving the transformation from driving to flying. We expect the first prototypes to be ready in a few months time.
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