Optelec's ClearView+: a complete product line for the visually impaired

March 21, 2005

The Optelec ClearView+ is an electronic video magnifier system for the visually impaired. It can be used for magnifying (up to 40x) paper documents and photos, for writing text and doing needlework.

Optelec ClearviewSpark design·engineering developed the complete modular system in one year, from first sketch till production. Inclusive black and white and colour screen, TFT display with adjustable arm and optional feature packs.
The ClearView+ product line is full of innovations:

 extremely easy and intuitive to use (‘one button’ user interface concept)

 unique CCFL lighting for even lighting and perfect colour accuracy

 easily adjustable TFT-display for perfect eye-hand coordination

 entirely new, modular approach allowing a new model for worldwide logistics

 expandable user interface with simple-to-install feature packs

 extremely low reading platform that feels stable and glides smoothly

 an easy to use electronic brake to fix the reading platform

More information at www.optelec.com.