Read along with the Compact 5 HD electronic magnifier

December 23, 2011

Spark and Optelec introduce the Optelec Compact 5 HD, a unique, electronic handheld magnifier that has a continuous zoom with a magnification range of 1.5 to 18 times. This means that people with mild eye problems as well as those who are severely visually impaired can read texts with ease: from timetables at stations and bus stops, or an important telephone number on a post-it note, to an article in the newspaper at the reading table in the library.

Considerable reading comfort
The compact and lightweight magnifier (294 gram) is an ideal alternative to the traditional hand magnifier. What makes it distinct is the possibility to open up the Compact 5 HD, set it down on a surface and slide it over the reading area. So, it's no longer necessary to hold the magnifier in position and the screen is at an ideal viewing angle. Troublesome reflections caused by lighting are also dealt with. There is no question of the glare from LED lighting - especially annoying when reading glossy magazines - impairing the image. As a result, the display is uniformly illuminated. This significantly increases the ease of reading.

The newest techniques
There are more features. By combining an HD camera and a 5 inch high resolution screen, the magnifier can display four times as much text than normal. Modern battery technology guarantees three hours of non-stop use. The buttons are intuitive to operate, and the menu with large, clear icons means it is easy to customise the settings. In addition, the camera has auto focus: so it's no longer necessary to maintain the correct distance to the text by hand.


Watch this video about the Optelec Compact 5 HD:

 Optelec 5HD