Ort-O-Mate in production

March 29, 2004

The Ort-O-Mate is the first motorised aid for the removal of elastic support stockings. Recently nominated for Best Product 2003 by NRC Handelsblad, the product was developed by Spark for Eritek International.

The Ort-O-Mate is easy to use, compact and safe and it is built to a high technical standard. It has a wall-mounted base station. To use the Ort-O-Mate, first place the button inside the stocking, at the back of the leg, and then attach it to the clip. Press the button on the remote control and the stocking is pulled back towards the base station and off the foot.

The Ort-O-Mate will give some 20 000 people in the Netherlands their independence back who were formerly dependent on home help to take off their stockings.

More information is available at www.ortomate.com.

Ort-O-Mate in NRCOr-O-Mate in NRC