Spark develops revolutionary horse saddle

March 29, 2008

Spark design & innovation, along with industrial designer Aafke Kauffman and TU Delft, has developed the “Unite”: an innovative new horse saddle. The arrival of the very user-friendly Unite means that, now, every rider can simply and easily adjust the saddle to the contours of the horse’s back. The patent on this product is currently pending and “Unite” is being developed further by Spark.


The majority of saddles currently on the market don’t fit the horseback well: consequently, injuries to the horseback are common. Every horseback is unique; fitting a traditional leather saddle well calls for specialist knowledge. The Unite is provided with adjustable pads which automatically fit to the form and the movement of the horseback. This guarantees an even pressure distribution on the back and prevents injuries.

By using high-tech materials such as Spacer Fabric and carbon, the saddle achieves a, previously unknown, low weight of only 3.5 kilos.

What’s more, the modular construction of the saddle means it’s possible to fine tune it for use in a variety of equestrian disciplines.

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