Pal-V reading material for KLM passengers

Pal-V reading material for KLM passengers

Flying with KLM this month? Then don’t forget to read the Holland Herald! KLM’s in-flight magazine introduces holidaymakers and other passengers to the flying car: PAL-V. A dream that has become a reality thanks to Spark.

July 19, 2012

Robert Dingemanse, CEO of PAL-V Europe NV, talks extensively about the technical aspects and the commercial possibilities of the PAL-V in the article ‘Upwardly mobile’.

No flight plans? Download KLM’s e-magazine Holland Herald, July 2012 here (takes time). 

Development of PAL-V
Spark developed the basic concept of the PAL-V, the rotor control system, the rotor mast with its righting mechanism and the support systems, an important part of the exterior design and the visualisations of the prototype.

Want to know more? Read the project description of look at the photos and videos. You can also read previous media articles about the PAL-V.