Spark presents: the PALV

October 14, 2004

The PAL-V - a new vehicle to lead a revolution in personal transportation.

The PALV (Personal Air and Land Vehicle) is a slim line, aerodynamic 3-wheel personal air and land vehicle. a Dutch designed solution for door-to-door transportation. Fuel efficient on the road. Time efficient in the air.

PAL-VThe PAL-V is capable of speeds up to 200 km/h on land and in the air. Fitted with a patented dynamic tilting system, steer it like a car and it will bank like a motorcycle. It is ultra convenient and flexible. Drive from your front door to the nearest airfield or helipad and take off. The PAL-V transforms into an autogyro craft.

Autogyro technology is easy to master, safe and reliable. The rotor is non-driven. Lift is generated by the forward motion produced by the foldable propeller on the rear. With Very Short Take Off and Vertical Landing (VSTOVL) capability it can land practically anywhere.

This low flying vehicle can fly above traffic and under the 4,000 feet (1,500 m) floor of commercial air space. It’s also suited to areas where inland infrastructure is basic.

The PAL-V does not require new infrastructure. It uses existing roads, airfields and conventional filling stations. If congestion blocks the way – fly. If the weather is too bad to fly – drive. Driving and flying combined in one vehicle that should cost as much as an executive saloon car.

John Bakker, a Dutch entrepreneur working with Spark design & innovation and other partners, is developing the PAL-V.

For additional information contact Spark design & innovation at or John Bakker (00316 - 53 46 80 89)