Multifunctional mobile friend

September 17, 2009

Phonefriend as a standThe men from Flextars came to us with an idea: a multifunctional accessory for mobile phones, a holder that supports the phone during charging or when showing films or photos. The honour was all ours, to work this idea into a concrete product.

Ready for market
We recognised the problem that this device would solve: a cell phone lying on the floor or on a work surface, connected to the plug by a dangerously long lead which it's not hard to imagine tripping over... So with pleasure we got to work and when we stopped the product was ready to hit the market. Concept, engineering, materials, finding the right manufacturing partners, prototyping, production supervision - we took care of the whole process, in consultation with the client.

Phonefriend on wall socketFunky Phonefriend
We came up with a really cool product. The mobile sits on the Phonefriend when charging, attached to the plug with the lead safely tucked away. You can also charge safely when the Phonefriend is transformed into a ‘stand'. And you can use the stand to show your photos or that film you made yesterday at a trade fair to your colleagues. What's more, the Phonefriend folds away and so it's really easy to take wherever you go.

Corporate gift
On request the Phonefriend can be delivered in any colour and even with a logo. Secretly our project manager hopes that he'll be given a Phonefriend by someone or other. Because his mobile is always lying on the floor at home when he charges it..
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