Project MARCH: Exo-skeleton of the future

Project MARCH: Exo-skeleton of the future

Spark is supporting TU Delft students in a special project: the development of an exo-skeleton to give mobility back to people with paraplegia. Powered by paraplegic patient Claudia, the exo-skeleton will be put to the test during the Cybathlon 2016 – the first international event for bionic para-athletes.

July 12, 2016

Focus on fixtures

Things got moving when Puck, one of our designers, told her former classmate Jelle about Project MARCH at the Industrial Design trade fair. He told her that there is a real need for innovation in the field of fixtures: the connection points between an exo-skeleton and the body. The better that these fit together, the better the pilot can rely on these new external joints. Sparker Wichert: “We love challenges and enjoy working on futuristic projects like these”.

Stronger together

We’re guiding the team of 33 students in their quest for an integral design that strengthens the connection between people and technology. To start, we organized a creative session for Sparkers, MARCH team members, pilot Claudia and her physiotherapists. In addition, there are regular sessions with the team to advise them about the development of the fixtures and project management.    

Cybathlon 2016

During Cybathlon 2016 pilot Claudia will compete against teams from all over the world. The obstacle course consists of six obstacles that occur in daily life. Slopes, uneven surfaces and stairs: quite a test. With the new exo-skeleton it’s sure to much easier.

Puck: “it’s lovely to see that Claudia is already benefiting from walking in an exo-skeleton; for example, her circulation has improved and as a result she feels a lot better. Bruises disappear more quickly. You’re really helping people. That gives a lot of satisfaction.”

Healthcare products

The creative session yielded many new insights through the exchange of knowledge with the physiotherapists and end user Claudia. Robert: “We are extra proud when we can contribute to new, inspiring healthcare products like this exo-skeleton of the future. We’re giving it our all so that Claudia wins the Cybathlon!”