Our Eric supports TV-show in Qatar!

February 27, 2009

Spark designer Eric Verberkmoes is, at this moment, flying towards Qatar to work on a TV programme somewhat like ‘Holland’s Best Idea’. An excellent opportunity for Spark to gather experience and contacts in the Middle East!

Spark designer Eric Verberkmoes

In the reality-documentary 16 youngsters will spend 10 weeks being filmed while they work on their product ideas. Experts from across the globe will support these inventors. Our Eric has been asked to assist with the realisation of these ideas.

The Dutch designer Joost Alferink logo tv programma(known for designing the Senseo coffee machine) is attached to the show as an expert. A jury will, together with the viewers, eventually determine who the winner is. The programme will be broadcast in the second quarter of 2009 in 16 Arabic countries. Whether Eric will be able to walk the streets in these countries unhindered after this remains to be seen…