‘TRUE INNOVATION’: Spark Grand Open - JUNE 27, 2008

June 22, 2008

Leading Industrial Design Agency Celebrates 15 Years of Innovation Excellence

On June 27, Spark - the leading industrial and consumer design agency - will present their
innovative mission and vision ‘True Innovation', and celebrate the opening of their inspiring new offices in the recently renovated monumental ‘Vertrekhal Oranjelijn' in the heart of Rotterdam's harbour district. Following presentations by leading Industrial Designers, the Spark offices will be officially opened by Mark Harbers, Rotterdam Alderman for Economic Affairs, Port and the Environment

Spark grand open

Professor Cees de Bont, Dean of the Faculty of Industrial Design Engineering at TU Delft will officially open the Spark Grand Open, introducing the programme of events and the speakers. The speakers all share a special relationship with Spark and will present an inside look into some exceptional product innovations.

Huibert Groenendijk, Rotterdam's famous Hardcore Industrial Designer has worked closely with Spark and will present his award winning design - the Qrooz.
Quote: "The guys at Spark really have the talent to combine award winning design with a hands-on approach towards product development. Where I go crazy they start enjoining the job! Together we'll pull off some very innovative and challenging projects..."

Marnix ten Kortenaar ("Dr. Ten"), Chemist, Inventor and ex-Olympic speed skater will show how the combination of these talents has led to radical product and process design innovations in the field of sport.

Frank Vermeulen (CEO Carver Europe) will reveal the secret behind Jeremy 'TopGear' Clarkson's confusion, rounding off the seminar with the motoring revelation - the Carver One.

Following the presentations and official opening, guests will be invited ‘backstage' to experience True Innovation in practice, including driving the Carver One, cruising the Qrooz, and discovering why there is ‘A Horse, Of Course'.

"This opening is a thank you for the great relations we share with our clients, partners and family," said Spark CEO Maarten Wilming. "This is all about showing the world where we are going and how and why we get nine out of ten of our designs in production and successfully into the market."