Spark in Syntens Small Business Innovation Top 100

July 1, 2010

Spark is proud to report that three of our clients have been included in the Syntens Small Business Innovation Top 100. The one hundred most innovative small businesses in the Netherlands were announced during a special event at the High Tech Campus in Eindhoven.

Diagnostic iPhone
Particularly high in the list, in second place, is i-Optic's EasyScan Camera for diabetes screening van i-Optics. The EasyScan is a so-called Fundus camera which can diagnose a precursor of blindness, diabetic retinopathy. Existing cameras are big, expensive and difficult to operate. The EasyScan, developed in association with Spark, is much more compact, less expensive, simpler to use and more patient friendly. M2DeskThe new device is so revolutionary that i-Optics hopes that the EasyScan will become the 'iPhone of the diagnostic industry'.

PC in a school desk
Further down the Top 100 is the multimedia school desk M2Desk, also developed in conjunction with Spark. The M2Desk integrates a full multimedia PC in a school desk. Its clever functionality means that the desk can be used as normal for writing, drawing, making a mess and eating. With a simple operation, the children can pull the flat screen up and out of the desk top. M2Desk is simple and cost effective to install in every existing desk frame. In this way, an entire class can easily make use of ICT in education. M2Desk has already been nominated as 'Best Innovative Hardware Product' for primary education in the IPON Awards 2010.

iForksWireless forks
The world's first set of wireless scale forks for forklift trucks, developed by Spark together with iForks, comes in at number 91 in the list. The components of the weighing system are fully integrated into the forks, so that each load can be quickly and accurately weighed. The weight indicator in the cabin can send the information direct to a printer, truck terminal or a Warehouse Management System. The British Forklift Truck Association has called iForks the most innovative product of 2010.

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