Spark looks to sport & technology

Spark looks to sport & technology

The development of innovative sports products is a focus point for Spark design & innovation. In order to make contact with the umbrella organisations and companies in the international sports world , Spark participated in a Sport & Technology trade mission in Lausanne from 13 to 15 May.

May 30, 2012

Spark Sports mission Lausanne @ UCI

Lausanne Capitale Olympique SparkPassionate about sport
Spark believes in the social significance of sport, “we love it!” With our experience and great power to innovate, Spark can bring added value to the development of new sports products. And in top sport, a new innovation can make the difference between winning and losing. Besides improving performance, product innovations can also make recreational sport more accessible and safer.

Successful trade mission
Interesting contacts were made during the trade mission in the Swiss city of Lausanne. In addition, Spark gained new knowledge about the world of sports federations. The mission ended with an inspiring visit to the international football federation UEFA and the international cycling union UCI. 

Are you interested or can we help you with the development of a new sports product, then contact us via Diederik Augustijn of Wichert Put or telephone +31 (0)10 24 45 777.

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Spark Sports mission Lausanne