Spark rolls out the orange carpet!

Spark rolls out the orange carpet!

Spark design & innovation is 20 years old! And we celebrated in spectacular style, along with 1000 enthusiastic visitors, on Friday the 14th and Saturday the 15th of June.

June 19, 2013

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Spark Grand Award Event
20 years of innovation is worth a party, we think. That’s why we celebrated our anniversary this month with a sparkling 20th anniversary party: the Spark Grand Award Event. This was a chance to put our clients, family members and friends in the spotlight. For two days running, the doors to our inspiring studio were thrown open, giving everyone the chance to see and experience all aspects of innovative product development.

20130614 SGAE uitnodiging

During the Friday of the Grand Award Event our guests felt like stars from the moment they arrived: they posed for the photographer on the orange carpet and were interviewed by Spark TV.

The Friday afternoon began with an overwhelming rescue demonstration featuring the Rescue Tip-Board in the harbour next to Spark. ‘It looked like a scene from a James Bond film’, according to one of our guests. This was followed by a talk from serial entrepreneur Michiel Muller in a College Tour setting, along with the inspiring guest speakers Cees van Bladel (Volans Rowing), Robert Dingemanse (PAL-V) and Korrie Louwes (innovation councillor for Rotterdam), about their visions of innovation and entrepreneurship.

Of course, the guests spent all afternoon trying out the products (co-) developed by Spark. The Carvers drove back and forth giving visitors a sensational driving experience. Many wanted to experience what it’s like to cut open a car wreck with the hydraulic rescue tools from Holmatro. At Mr. GreenScreen they were urged to have their photo taken with the limited edition of the exclusive suitcase HENK, the PAL-V flying car or with another fantastic background.

There was a great atmosphere throughout the evening until well into the small hours. There was a lot of catching up with everyone to do, Sparkers were challenged to lively games of Foosball and the Design Expo and Demo area was continuously filled with guests. Meanwhile, the crew from Resto van Harte served everyone delicious snacks and drinks with a big smile.

Design Expo & Demo
The Design Expo, showcasing a number of Spark products from the past 20 years, was busy on both days. Visitors listened with interest to the stories from our designers. They were curious about the ins and outs of the products and how they were developed. The Auping Royal was well and truly tested by guests looking to take a time-out from all the excitement. The 3D-scanner and printers and the digital sketches also attracted a lot of attention. ‘It’s quite special to see your own face reflected in a 3D-scan or to see a product come out of the 3D-printer!’, said an enthusiastic guest.

SPARKtan scenes
On Saturday, too, the outdoor area was one big amusement park where parents and children could entertain themselves in the sun while enjoying ice cream. Like true Sparkers they raced around the specially laid track with the Big Babboe cargo bike and the Coocarooc trying to get the highest score. They showed their muscles lifting weights with the pallet weighing indicator from Ravas, and hurled themselves around in big inflatable balls in the swimming pool. And for those children who preferred being indoors there was lots of fun to be had with the computer games on the M2Desk, or building their own PAL-V with foam or LEGO.

Memorable anniversary party
They were two hugely successful days that saw everyone avidly soak up the dynamics of innovation and design. The Spark team would like to thank all their guests for their presence and the many enthusiastic responses that we’ve received. We will treasure the memories of this celebration for a long time to come!

Look at and download all the photos of Friday afternoon, Friday evening and Saturday.

The shape of things to come?
The anniversary year is not over yet! From June we will be regularly sharing all sorts of facts and information, from the present and from our archive. So keep checking Twitter, Facebook and our website!