Won: four iF Awards

October 31, 2011

Barely a week after receiving two GIO awards, Spark is winning prizes with its clients iFproducten again! As many as four products have received an iF Award, the prestigious German design prize for the most distinctive products.

Successful were the SecuBike, a compact and secure bike locker; Xpozer, a system for hanging large format images without a visible frame; the Honeywell Enraf Fusion4, a clever explosion-proof control module and the Optelec ClearReader+, which reads aloud printed text for the blind and visually impaired.

logoThe iF is an international forum for design in Hannover. Since 1953, the iF Awards have been seen as a global hallmark of high quality and extraordinary designs.

The prizes will be awarded on 10 February 2012 during the Munich Creative Business Week, a design festival in Munich. The winning products can be seen a month later at the iF exhibition Hamburg 2012. The exhibition runs from the 6 - 10 March. Later in 2012 the award winning designs will also be seen at the iF design exhibition Hainan in China. Dates still to be announced.