Spark at ‘The Best Idea in Holland’

October 4, 2009

‘The Best Idea in Holland' has once again asked Spark to take part in this successful television programme. For the third time in a row we'll throw our knowledge and experience into the ring during this competition which is fought out in front of the cameras. What's new is that this year we're providing support to not just one but a number of participants to improve their product ideas', according to Maarten Wilming, Spark's Director.

The Best Sustainable Idea
Wilming continues: ‘Also new this year is the additional category ‘The Best Sustainable Idea in Holland'. In this section we're looking for ideas or products which promote sustainability. Of course, it's here that our expertise can make a difference. In short: We can't wait to get started!'

Tooske and Henkjan
The Best Idea in Holland will be presented by Tooske Ragas en Henkjan Smits. The pTooske Ragas and Henkjan Smits with the Best Idea in Holland logo rogramme jury is once again this year chaired by Bernd Schneider and includes, Manon Navarro, Erland Bakkers and new jury member Sacha Silvester, Associate Professor at TU Delft.
Broadcast: every Saturday on SBS 6 at 21.30. Semi Finals: 7 November 2009 and 21 November 2009. Grand Final: 28 November 2009.
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