Spotted by students from Zadkine

Spotted by students from Zadkine

A few weeks ago, we were approached by an enthusiastic second-year student from the Human Technology course at Zadkine in Rotterdam. He asked us if he and his classmates could come by and take a look at what goes on at Spark design & innovation. He’d come across a YouTube film of the Rescue Tip Board on our website and was excited by all the ‘cool products and ideas with solutions for people’ that we develop.

February 6, 2014

At Human Technology they learn how technology can make life simpler, better and more user-friendly. And the students really wanted to see how product development goes ‘for real’.

Infectious enthusiasm
Two weeks later our boardroom was full of 14 keen boys and a girl, and a teacher. During the tour of our products in the hall they could barely contain their enthusiasm. "This really fits with what we’re learning!" The teacher was really happy with the tour too. "We regularly tell the students why it’s so important to master certain aspects, but with this tour they can see just how important it is."

In the boardroom they listened avidly to the presentation from Sparker Diederik Augustijn, who told them about the ins and outs of design. The students asked lots of great questions. As a closer, they got to have lunch with the Spark designers. And of course, they only left the premises after a game of table football!