First-year students visit Spark

February 12, 2011

 ‘We're amazed by just how much there is made by Spark on the market', says Tim Beumer an Industrial Design student. ‘It's also nice to see how different subjects like mathematics and drawing come together in product design.'

Beumer is one of the more than twenty first-year industrial design students from Delft's Technical University who visited Spark in early February. The Industrial Design student association arranged for the company sneak peek trip after Spark's successful participation in the university's Industrial Design Business Days in 2010. Students were attracted en masse to designs on show at this event, including the ClearReader+ and the water bottles for the Olympic Games. The life-size Spark Action Hero packaging, right next to the stand, also attracted many visitors. Almost everyone wanted to be photographed as 'Hero' with hip designer glasses on. Such enthusiasm was still very much in evidence in February.

A glimpse at Spark
The students were given a varied glimpse, both before and after lunch, into the affairs of our design office. Director Robert Barnhoorn gave a presentation on a number of products developed by Spark, including the PAL-V. In his lecture, he established a link between the products and various design disciplines. Former intern Tanis Ivan talked about his experiences at Spark. There was also a tour of the studio, during which numerous designs came up for discussion.
For a photo impression of the day, see our page on facebook.