Time flies when you're having fun

Time flies when you're having fun

Alain and Mathijs’ six-month internship have flown by. Looking back, they are surprised by just how much they’ve learned. "Through the internship, we noticed that the focus of Industrial Design is mainly on concept development, but that in practice implementation, prototyping, sourcing and product preparation are just as important. The work doesn’t stop after the concept phase; your CAD model really has to be right and, for example, you have to know exactly which components you want to purchase."

August 31, 2015

Alain: “I have learned so many small things that contribute to the bigger picture! My skills on the milling machine and the lathe and in terms of sketching have really improved. And I have learned a lot about project management: how important a good file structure is, clear file names and numbering systems for documents and drawings. I have also learned about the way to communicate with clients and how you present your work. You don’t want to influence them too much but you do want to steer them with the knowledge you have."

Thanks to their internship at Spark, the future plans of both interns have changed somewhat. Where first the focus was on automotive design or working for a multi-national, now working for a design office also seems like an interesting choice, especially due to the varied work. Mathijs: "In addition, the internship has fuelled my interest in medical projects."

When they left, both were given with a super handy 'Spark-internship-toolkit'. "What a cool present!"

"We’re looking forward to studying again, but we’re really going to miss the teamwork, the atmosphere in the studio and the open interaction..."