Toon®: Eneco’s smart thermostat

March 8, 2012

Eneco has a new smart solution on the market that helps consumers manage their energy consumption. Toon® is a revolutionary thermostat that, by means of Live Updates, gives consumers an instant insight into energy consumption and costs. In this way, Toon makes it possible and easy to save. The commercial for Toon has been showing on television since the 8th of March.

Toon slimme thermostaatSpark's expertise was called on to give a high quality and appropriate design to the smart thermostat and the corresponding set of functional products. As a result of intensive collaboration with Eneco, Spark has been able to develop, efficiently and quickly, the right look and feel for the revolutionary thermostat. This harmonizes perfectly with the identity of the energy company and its ambition to achieve market success with this innovative product.

On the 17th January, Eneco presented Toon for the first time to the press. The launch of Toon attracted publicity from, among others, Bright, RTL4 Nieuws and de Volkskrant. The first Toon was handed over to entrepreneur and TV personality, Annemarie van Gaal, on the 17th January. She expects that, as a result of Toon's data, families will save a minimum of 10% on their energy costs. Meanwhile, the thermostat has been installed in her home (see video below). Annemarie: "I think my thermostat is an ugly thing already. So I thought, if only it is not an even bigger thing, even thicker, a different color. But it's gorgeous! It's like an iPad on your wall."

Toon nodigt uit tot gebruikDashboard
Providing insight is central to Toon. The smart thermostat shows graphics and diagrams about the current energy consumption in comparison with previous days, weeks and months. Consequently, people become more aware of their household energy use. The user is in charge, and that makes saving simple. The thermostat also offers traffic and weather information, such as a rain radar. Toon will be available soon for Eneco clients.


Watch Toon at work here:

Toon on Bright TV:

Commercial Eneco's Toon: