Two European Product Design Awards!

Two European Product Design Awards!

Only the best from the design world is rewarded every year with a European Product Design Award. The EPDA jury wants to use the ceremony to foster appreciation for design worldwide. This year, we received two golds with the FELIX Pro 3D printer and security robot SAM.

April 13, 2017

FELIX Pro 3D printer

The European Product Design Award (EPDA) is presented on the basis of form, function and innovation. We’ve addressed all these aspects with the FELIX Pro 3D-printer and we’ve strengthened the modularity, adaptability and accessibility of the FELIX brand. With a number of smart innovations, we’ve gone from a D-I-Y 3D printer to a desktop printer for the professional. Curious? Find out more about the FELIX Pro here.




Secure, Autonomous & Mobile: SAM

Security robot SAM is the security guard of the future: SAM can surveil, observe, detect and react just like a human security guard can. With the new design, we’ve managed to reduce production costs significantly: our analysis showed that a different construction could result in considerable savings to the assembly costs. Now, the robot’s intelligence is wrapped around the core making it much more accessible and quicker to construct. The new appearance has given SAM a clearer direction of travel; previously, he looked like he was moving backwards. The new graphic effects helped to resolve this issue. You can read more about SAM on the Robot Security Systems website.