Two GIO awards for the Kalfire E-one

Two GIO awards for the Kalfire E-one

The emission-free E-one fireplace, which we developed together with client Kalfire, continues to exceed even our expectations. Because in addition to an award for Good Industrial Design (GIO), the E-one also received the Special Award for originality this year.

November 9, 2020

Real, comforting fire

Kalfire's mission is to bring people together around the fire in every home. Their idea for an emission-free fireplace had to make this a possibility for small apartments and houses without a flue as well. To this end, Spark developed innovative, patented techniques that enable holographic flames that cannot be distinguished from the real thing.

The Special Award validates the E-one’s success in that respect. Jury member Zuzanna Skalska said, "This electric fireplace with its virtual flames is the closest thing to a real, comforting fire." Mission accomplished!


Ruud Schatorjé, design engineer at Spark, was closely involved in the project and is understandably very pleased. “During the development of the E-One, I already felt that with Kalfire we were working on something that would really make a difference. To win a GIO and Special Award for originality… that's a beautiful token of recognition. Absolutely fantastic!”

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