The ultimate skating experience with the new speed skating simulator

December 27, 2011

Spark has given the existing wooden board used to train for speed skating a facelift for the Eindhoven-based game and fitness company Embedded Fitness.

E-Fit SchaatssimulatorTogether with car upholstery experts Spark sketched and built the sporty design in just a few weeks. A design that not only found stylish solutions to all the unfinished details but also offers valuable protection against knocks. As a result, the total product ‘experience' has been raised to a higher level. Covering the edges of the skate plate that fits onto the board with soft edges creates a user-friendly and innovative product that is portable and simple to set up wherever you want.

E-Fit skate simulator
Embedded Fitness is the first company in the world to develop and put such a skating simulator into use. You can see and use the patented E-Fit skate simulator at the E-Fitzone in the Ice Sport Centre (IJssportcentrum) in Eindhoven.

National and World Cup speed skating 2012
The E-Fit skate simulator was commissioned by Essent and presented by Embedded Fitness during the Dutch national and world skating championships in Heerenveen, and this is where it passed its first test with flying colours. More than a thousand people, from young to old, tried out the skate simulator, which led to lots of fun and encouraged everyone to complete the course as quickly as possible.

Whether it is freezing outside, thawing or even weather for sitting on a terrace, you can train and work on your fitness and speed all year round with the skate simulator. By linking the speed skate board with a game, the simulator is a particularly fun, safe and innovative way to get children to move more and to get them enthusiastic about skating. To provide the ultimate experience, screens are hung in the E-Fitzone in front of the skate boards. They show images of a virtual Dutch landscape, inspired by the Weerribben National Park near Giethoorn. All movements are recorded by way of sensors in the skate board. These continuously measure the speed of your legs, but also your time. This means you can measure the effects of a better skating technique along the course.

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