Update: Project MARCH

Update: Project MARCH

Last year, we supported students from TU Delft undertaking a very special project. Under the name Project MARCH, for the second time they’re developing an exoskeleton, so that people with paraplegia are able to stand and walk again. We’re getting involved again this year, too. The exoskeleton will be tested by Ruben in October, during an event for bionic para-athletes.

June 21, 2017

People with paraplegia are wheelchair-bound for life. Project MARCH wants to change this. With the exoskeleton, paraplegic patients can move freely again. We’re very keen to be involved in this; it fits with our mission and focus: the development of innovative health products. And we’re excited about the motivated and talented students working on this project.

“We’ve been involved right from the kick-off, using our practical experience to guide the students at the process level. In terms of knowledge, we can contribute our experience in the development of medical products and robotics. We’re keeping the design and process in sharp focus and are guiding the students where necessary, but, of course, ultimately, the students will design and build the exoskeleton themselves.” - Wichert Put, project manager, Spark

In the meantime, various sub-tests have already been carried out. The exact date of the obstacle-course event for bionic para-athetes is not yet – we’ll keep you posted!