Compact 4 HD: comfortable magnifier for on the road

Compact 4 HD: comfortable magnifier for on the road

The Compact 4 HD is a unique, portable magnifier: the smallest of the screen magnifiers in the attractive Optelec Compact High Definition product family. The 4 HD is ideal for travelling.

Hand and stand

With this entry level screen magnifier, we’ve managed to combine the advantages of a hand-held magnifier and a fixed position magnifier in one compact product. The Compact 4 HD is easy to carry and sits nicely in the hand. And used with the cleverly designed holder it maintains exactly the right distance from the text, and offers a comfortable viewing angle.

Magnetic cradle

A major challenge in the design was creating a friendly, simple and inviting product, within the strict constraints of optics and component sizes. We developed a concept where the magnifier can easily be placed in its holder. Magnets keep the magnifier in the ‘cradle’, ensuring that it slides effortlessly over letters, books, magazines and photos.

Tangible models

The ergonomic concept is the result of extensive research with users. We made use of both simple styrene foam models with approximate geometry and dimensions, and detailed models with real dimensions and weight. Of course, the detailing, perception and colours that we have created for the Compact 4 HD are a cohesive strengthening of the Opetelec product line.

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