Image of design award that this project has won
Image of design award that this project has won
Image of design award that this project has won
Image of design award that this project has won
Image of design award that this project has won

Lifehammer Smart

Next generation

Together with Life Safety Products we designed and developed the Lifehammer Smart. The next generation safety hammer is a totally new archetype. It's compact, lightweight and has a great freedom of placement in the car. The Smart is based on the proven spring-loaded technology of the Lifehammer Evolution, also developed by Spark.

Before you can use a lifehammer, you must be able to reach it when needed. In practice, safety hammers are often stored in the glove compartment or the car's trunk, which can render them inaccessible in the aftermath of an accident. The Lifehammer Smart offers a solution to this issue. By being more compact than any other hammer in the market. It is easily mounted on various surfaces for you to reach during emergencies.‍

Robust and reliable design

Great freedom of placement

Designed to fit the automotive trends

Image of the project

Freedom of placement

The improvement in the mounting cradle is noteworthy. In the past, some holders had to be installed in the car using screws, potentially causing damage to your vehicle and limiting placement options. The Lifehammer Smart's holder utilizes a specially developed adhesive, giving both dealers and car owners greater flexibility in placement. Also, the subtle design means placing it in a luxurious car interior is more easily accepted.

Image of the project
Image of the project
picture of the project

Spring mechanism

The Lifehammer Smart features a spring-loaded ceramic pin, designed to activate effortlessly when pressed against a car window. This mechanism was carefully designed to demand the minimum amount of force required to break the glass. In line with the project's goal of creating a more compact and lightweight Lifehammer solution, we conducted extensive testing to miniaturize components and refine mechanisms. Our iterative approach, involving the evaluation of numerous prototypes (and lots of broken glass!), has resulted in a reliable and robust design.


In addition to its glass-breaking capability, the Lifehammer Smart is equipped with a seatbelt-cutting blade. Achieving an effective belt cut depends on several critical factors. The quality of the blade and the precise cutting angle are some important examples. Furthermore, our design takes into careful consideration the housing geometry to ensure that the belt does not bunch up during the cutting process.

Image of the project
picture of the project
Image of the project
Picutre of the project

Test setup

We gathered all relevant variables and proceeded to construct multiple prototypes, all of which underwent rigorous testing within a controlled spring unit setup. The extensive data and results we gathered through this process served as conclusive evidence, affirming the safety and reliability of the Lifehammer Smart.

"Featuring a compact and discreet design, the Lifehammer Smart encourages people to place it within easy reach in their cars, offering the potential for more lives to be saved."

Hugo Honijk


Spark design & innovation

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