Image of design award that this project has won
Image of design award that this project has won
Image of design award that this project has won
Image of design award that this project has won
Image of design award that this project has won

Holographic fireplaces

Zero emission fireplace

A fireplace brings people together. Spark and Kalfire have developed a series of zero-emission fireplaces. The unique holographic effect creates an asthonishing view that is unprecendented in the market for electronic fireplaces worldwide.

This innovation has created a new platform for our client. It has been an instant market success since the introduction and, on top of that, features several design awards. The close cooperation between Kalfire, Spark and its partners, challenging each other and using everyone's specialty was the basis for this success.

We have evolved the first eOne fireplace into a flexible product platform. Due to the modular build the fireplaces are easy to install in different versions, such as a corner and three-sided fireplace, and in different sizes to accomodate for all kinds of interiors. We designed the Kalfire fireplaces in such a way that the preferred version can be chosen in the final stages of assembly.

Groundbreaking innovation

Integrating hardware, software, video and sound

Modular product platform

Image of the project

A symphony of effects and attributes

To create the most realistic effect, close attention has been paid to every detail. A natural glow bed is modelled with Grasshopper algorithms. We developed customized displays and carefully tweaked light effects. Special video processing techniques are used to create smooth flames that change instantly in size by simply pushing a button. Meanwhile, the cost price has been in the lead throughout the whole project.

Image of the project
Image of the project
picture of the project

Design for service

A regular fireplace can last for decades. The E-one is full of electronics and displays making servicing a different game. After the release of the Kalfire E-one we wanted to make an even better and more compact version with the possibility to make a corner and three sided fireplace. The challenge was to hide all the components and electrical parts. We managed to design a compact fireplace in such a way that any component can easily be replaced even after installation inside a wall. A silent and efficient active cooling system is developed to minimize the need for replacement of critical parts.

Controlling the temperature

A totally new product-type like the E-one means breaking new ground and dealing with unknown effects to, for instance, product lifetime. One of the issues challenging product lifetime was the heat building up inside the enclosure (ironically), which was resolved with a clever system of active, but extremely silent, cooling.

Image of the project
picture of the project
Image of the project
Picutre of the project

Ready for the US market

Spark assisted Kalfire to make the fireplaces ready for the American market. On one hand we helped with the certification process. Next to that, the Kalfire fireplaces were redesigned to be more compact, to make transportation as efficient and affordable as possible. By making clever design choices, such as changing the placement of the top screen, we were able to optimize shipping costs.

"Thanks to the excellent collaboration with Spark, we are creating the future of sustainable fire"

Beijko van Melick



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