Mobile industrial ingnitor

Mobile industrial ingnitor

Large industrial furnaces aren’t simply lit with a match. You need an ignitor. Preferably one that is easy to use. Spark developed a portable ignitor for Smitsvonk. Functional, compact and ergonomic.

Rapid manufacturing

An ignitor is not a standard issue item. Approximately ten are produced per annum. Hence we made use of rapid manufacturing techniques to produce it. We cast the housing in silicon moulds - a method normally reserved for prototyping. In this case it was the actual production method. We also reused existing parts and technology, keeping production costs down, despite such a small production run.

Good looks

We paid a lot of attention to how the ignitor would look. Pretty unusual in this market - so often its completely overlooked. At Spark, we think every product should look good. Our client Smitsvonk agreed - a product that looks great strengthens their image.